Eat the Luxury Created by Mother Nature

Chef Shingo Suzuki, who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy for six years, has been highly acclaimed since the restaurant opened as a "gastronomy in the sky" for his full-course dinners using ingredients from the rich nature of the region.Pairing his dishes with rare wines harvested in Nagano, we hope you enjoy the dining room we call Mother Nature.


As the sun begins to set over the peaks of the Ushiro-Tateyama mountain range, the golden hour of dusk arrives at Kitaone Kogen Highland, a place of spectacular scenery. The Kitaone Kogen Highland dining experience begins with an aperitif to enjoy this spectacular view at dusk.

The up-and-coming chef who provides the gem of dishes at FIELD SUITE HAKUBA is Shingo Suzuki, who practiced in restaurants with Michelin stars in Italy for 6 years. You will be served a course of dishes using regional ingredients, paired with rare Nagano wines.

* Non-alcoholic pairings are also available.


The field breakfast will be served while you enjoy the morning on the plateau, with the mountains of the Northern Alps shining in the morning sun and the birds chirping in the distance.

The spectacular view is one of the main attractions of FIELD SUITE HAKUBA.


A lunch box will be provided at check-out. This can be served to accompany your activity or on your way home. An optional Canoe Lunch on Lake Aoki is also available.

* Guests staying on "24-Hour Stay" days may also choose to have a "freshly prepared lunch" at the Kitaone Terrace.