How to Enjoy Your Time

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors with all five senses

At HakubaKitaoneKogen Highland, our concierge will support you in making your way comfortably around the wonders of the wilderness by offering a variety of experiences. Once you step out of your tent room, that is your field.

Leisurely Walk in a Forest

There is a 30-minute one-way walk through a refreshing beech forest (beginner and intermediate courses) available from after check-in until 16:00 or after the morning safety check. The observatory offers spectacular views of the Hakuba Three Peaks. On rainy days, you can also observe mosses in the forest and the stem flow in beech forests.

Kamoshika Lounge

This lounge has been exclusively designed for FIELD SUITE HAKUBA guests. Coffee, herbal tea, soft drinks, and alcohol (all free of charge) are available.

Hours of Operation: 14:00 - 16:00

Takibi (Bonfire) Bar

Enjoy a moment of relaxation before retiring for the night. A pleasing after-dinner refreshment around the bonfire with live music is recommended.
Hours of Operation: After Dinner - 22:30


Highland Outdoor Onsen (Hot Spring)

Enjoy the high alkaline hot water (Hakuba Happo Onsen: pH 11.5) for beautiful skin that bubbles up at the foot of Kitaone Kogen Highland with a view of the Northern Alps!


Get up a little earlier in the morning and enjoy the spectacular views!

Experience a 360-degree panoramic sunrise. It is one of the most glorious times of the day to watch Hakuba three peaks transition from dusk to the alpenglow. Simultaneously, what resembles a sea of clouds due to an atmospheric phenomenon it is possible to view two rare occurrences at this elevation.

Nature Flower Park

Visitors can stroll through the Nature Flower Park, where garden staff carefully nurture the precious flowers and grasses that bloom on Hakuba Happo-One from seed. More than 200 varieties of wildflowers are spread over an area of approximately 4,600 m2. Enjoy the various colors of plants from spring to fall.


We are equipped with a state-of-the-art astronomical telescope from 2022. Please enjoy the starry night sky unique to Kitaone Kogen Highland.


Footbath with a Spectacular View

Experience a luxurious time and soak your legs in the outdoor leg onsen whilst gazing at the breathtaking scenery of the Japanese Northern Alps.