Reservations for the 2024 Green Season Now Open, Starting Today, February 16 at 10:00 a.m.



We are pleased to announce that starting today, February 16, at 10:00 a.m., we are accepting reservations for the FIELD SUITE HAKUBA KITAONE KOGEN's 2024 Green Season.

This year, we're thrilled to enhance your stay with several exciting updates:


<1> Addition of Outdoor Cabin “JYUBAKO” Suite and Tent Triple Room, and Expansion of the "24-Hour Stay" Schedule

Last season, we were able to offer the "24-Hour Stay" service, which allows for check-in at 2:00 p.m. and check-out at 2:00 p.m. the following day, by limiting occupancy to only four rooms—half of our total capacity of eight rooms.

This season, we are adding one more Outdoor Cabin "JYUBAKO" Suite, and one more Tent Triple room, arranging our accommodations so that on any given day, two Tent Twins, one "JYUBAKO" Suite, and one Tent Triple will be available for our guests. This expansion allows for the possibility of consecutive nights' stays in the "JYUBAKO" Suite and Tent Triple, as well as a broader "24-Hour Stay" schedule.

Furthermore, on the second day of the "24-Hour Stay," you can enjoy a freshly prepared lunch by Chef Suzuki at the Kitaone Terrace, just like last year. Please fully enjoy the premium time in the Kitaone Highland. (If you would like a lunch box, please let us know at the time of check-in.)

Please note that accommodating special requests from guests, such as exclusive bookings, may make it challenging to offer the "24-Hour Stay" option on the days immediately before or after the request. We kindly ask that you check the "24-Hour Stay" calendar below for the latest information when making your reservation.

"24-Hour Stay" calendar


<2> Pre-Trip Concierge Service

Following last season’s introduction, our "Pre-Trip Concierge" service continues to offer personalized advice on must-visit places when you visit Hakuba. Upon reservation, all guests will receive an email containing a login password for the concierge’s exclusive website, featuring recommended routes and spots.


<Pre-Trip Concierge>

Official Website
*Upon reservation, all guests will receive an email containing a login password
Phone080-7005-4389 (9:00-17:00  on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday  / This phone service is available only for customers within Japan)

<3> Getting closer to space in the starry Kitaone Kogen Highland!

The starry sky of Kitaone Kogen Highland equipped with a state-of-the-art astronomical telescope.

With the cooperation of Sightron Japan Inc., Kitaone Kogen Highland has been equipped with a state-of-the-art astronomical telescope since 2022. While we have organized viewing parties to coincide with meteor showers, we have often been met with the unfortunate luck of poor weather on those specific days. This year, instead of setting specific dates, we will adopt the approach that every day is an opportunity for a viewing party, facing the starry sky with anticipation. Moreover, the year 2024 will be full of celestial shows, including not only meteor showers but also the approach of a new comet, Comet C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan - ATLAS), which was discovered last year. Please refer to the celestial calendar below, and, if blessed with clear skies, look up at the universe from Kitaone Kogen Highland with guidance from our concierge. As a special surprise, we also plan to hold navigation viewing sessions led by experts from Sightron Japan Inc.


<4>Kids' Day

Tree Deck at Kitaone Kogen Highland

At FIELD SUITE HAKUBA, our primary goal is to offer guests a relaxing time amidst nature, which traditionally has meant that children under the age of 10 were unable to stay overnight. However, since our opening in 2019, we have received numerous requests for family stays.

As a response, starting from last season, we have introduced a family-friendly plan, "Kids' Day," available on select dates.

This allows families to stay in a Tent Twin (with two double beds), an Outdoor Cabin "JYUBAKO" Suite (with two single beds), or a Tent Triple (with three single beds), where children under 10 can share a bed with their parents. The Tent Twin and "JYUBAKO" Suite can accommodate up to 4 persons (including up to 2 children under 10), and the Tent Triple can accommodate up to 6 persons (including up to 3 children under 10).

- Saturday, July 27
- Sunday, July 28
- Saturday, August 3
- Sunday, August 4
- Tuesday, August 13
- Wednesday, August 14

*Additional dates may be added upon request. (Dates in red were added.)


- Tent Room (Twin) & Jyubako Suite (Twin) for up to 4 persons (up to 2 children under 10)
- Tent Room (Triple) for up to 6 persons (up to 3 children under 10)

《Children’s Rates》

Children under 10 (sharing a bed with parents) with three meals: 35,000 yen per child (tax included)
Children under 10 (sharing a bed with parents) without meals: 15,000 yen per child (tax included)

*Guests aged 10 and above are charged at the adult rate, and bed-sharing reservations are not available.
*Children’s nightwear is not provided.


2024 Green Season

Operation Period:
Saturday, June 1 - Thursday, October 31, 2024

Official Reservation Site or by phone at 080-7005-4389 (9:00-17:00  on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday  / This phone service is available only for customers within Japan)