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The King of Dams, Kurobe Dam, located in Toyama Prefecture, has continuously supported Japan’s economic development.

In Ohmachi City, adjacent to Hakuba Village, there is the “Ohgisawa Station,” which serves as the entrance to the dam and is easily accessible from FIELD SUITE HAKUBA.

Until October 15, you can witness the impressive discharge of water up close at the dam, and take a boat tour around Lake Kurobe, which is dammed by the dam itself, is recommendable.

When you return, you can enjoy a day trip to a hot spring surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery at Kajika Ryokan or Takase Kan of Kuzu Onsen.



About 50 min. from Hakuba
Ohgisawa Station

Please note that you can drive to Ohgisawa Station but cannot proceed further beyond that point. You can park your car at the free parking lot, which is about a 5-minute walk from Ohgisawa Station, or at the paid parking lot right in front of the station (¥1,000 per day), and then take an electric bus to the dam.

Tickets for transportation from Ohgisawa Station can be purchased online in advance.

Ohgisawa Station
Kanden Tunnel Electric Bus 16 min.
Kurobe Dam

The discharge from this dam, boasting Japan’s highest height of 186 meters, is truly awe-inspiring, with a flow rate of 10 to 15 tons per second. [Discharge Period: June 26 to October 15 (Discharge may be suspended due to weather conditions, etc.)]

Kurobe Dam
15 min.
Lake Kurobe

While gazing at the emerald-shining Lake Kurobe, you can stroll along the dam’s embankment on foot. If you have some extra time, enjoying a different perspective from the observation deck is also a good idea.

Kurobe Cable Car 5 min.
Kurobe Daira
Kurobe Daira
Tateyama Ropeway 7 min.
Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus 10 min.

The Murodo Terminal is located at Japan’s highest point. It boasts the largest-scale restaurant and observation terrace on the Alpine Route, providing excellent facilities.

At Murodo, you’ll also find a day-trip hot spring facility, and taking a leisurely stroll through the vast grassy plains is also recommendable. Be sure to experience the breathtaking beauty of the autumn foliage during the fall season.



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