The Marriage of Local Ingredients and Nagano Wines, and Spectacular Views of the Sunset


“Après & Dining” is a glamping style dinner tour to enjoy the Mother Nature of winter mountains at an elevation of 1,200m without any skiers after ski lift operation, and the marriage of local ingredients and Nagano wines.

Through this article, let me introduce the full picture of the tour.

The tour starts with a pickup car at around 16:15 from your accommodation.

We visit several accommodation points along the way to pick some groups up with our private car.


We drive through the Wadano area and then ride Sakka Kitaone Quad lift at Sakka base area, and then we are bound for the Hakuba Kitaone Kogen.

Since the lift operation for skiers closes at 4:00 pm, the Quad lift exclusively operates for our tour guests.

The riding time takes approximately ten minutes.

It gets colder in the evening, we strongly recommend you dress accordingly with enough warm clothing including scarf, gloves and wind proof wear. Warm shoes and or boots are a good protection against cold conditions.


Soon after arriving at the Hakuba Kitaone Kogen, you can enjoy aperitif outside around a bonfire. It might be a precious time for you, without doing anything on a relaxing chair, watching a spectacle that the colors of mountains and the sky changes slowly through the sunset with mulled wines that warm you up from your core.

There are a lot of great view spots in Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort, many skiers often enjoy amazing scenery and panoramic views in the daytime, taking off their skis to take photographs.

However, we still get some requests for opportunities to enjoy the views just as they are but with some delicious wine choices too.

We offer this special tour to a limited 9 persons where they can enjoy spectacular views of Hakuba's winter mountains and cuisines of the local region.

It is a very special time to gaze and watch in stillness the magnificent scenery with a hot wine in the chilly air.


After relishing aperitif time, you will enjoy a full-course dinner of 5 dishes paired with Nagano wines in a warm and cozy room of a restaurant taking about two hours.


5 bottles of pairing wines.


For children, we can provide a set child’s menu with non-alcohol drinks, you can enjoy the tour with family.
(It costs 20,000 yen per child. If you do not order the child’s menu will be free of charge.)


The up-and-coming chef who provides the gem of dishes is Shingo Suzuki, and the menu and paired wines are decided collaboratively by the chef and the sommelier Sho Yoshihira, and the pairing menu for this season is as follows:

* To provide seasonal ingredients, the menu may change depending on the period.


Please allow me to introduce the pairing menu.


The First Pair:

Locally produced fresh winter vegetables.


Dished up vegetables like a Christmas wreath with as much Gorgonzola sauce as you like.


The wine fitted to the Gorgonzola sauce is "Premium Vionier 2015" of Takayashiro Farm in Nakano city, about 70 km east from Hakuba village.


The Second Pair:

The Italian traditional winter menu, Tortellini Pasta with warm consommé soup.


The paired wine is "Kissho Blanc de Blanc" of Kusunoki Winery in Suzaka city, east side of Hakuba village as well, further than Nagano City.


The Third Pair:

Spaghetti with snow crabs of the season.


The paired wine is "Merlot Rose 2019" of Le Milieu in Azumino city, about 50 km south of Hakuba village.


The Fourth Pair:

Cooked pufferfish from Shimonoseki and savoy spinach, with black truffle as you like.


The paired wine to the dish is "Chardonnay Oak Premium 2017" of Northern Alps Vinyards in Omachi city, next to Hakuba Village.


Blood Orange Guimauve, as a refresher in between dishes.


The Fifth Pair:

Finally, Shinshu Premium Beef as the main dish.


The fitted wine to the dish is "Merlot Cabernet Franc Premium 2017" of the Northern Alps Vineyards.


Wines from nearby areas of Hakuba village, you may enjoy the foods connections by the characteristics of the land.

The tour price is set as all-inclusive, including wines, you may enjoy those paired wines as much as you like. (I myself enjoyed two glasses for each, totally 10 glasses which means two bottles, and got heavily drunk, so please be careful.)


The desert is a hot tart tatan with milk gelato handmade by the chef.


After the dinner, you may enjoy Takibi (bonfire) Bar outside for a while.


At the ski resort where many skiers enjoy their time during the day, it is only us enjoying the private evening time. The hot wine warms you up and the bonfire is delightful to watch. You can enjoy the starry sky and illuminated night view overlooking Hakuba Village.


The returning trip to Sakka is on a snow cat, gazing at the starry sky and illuminated views, and from there we will take to your accommodation by our private car service.


The silent night tour in snow mountains & a full course dinner with paired Nagano wines of all-inclusive & a round trip to and from your accommodation.

It is a new way to enjoy a snow resort adding to the excitement of skiing and snowboarding.


We look forward to hosting you on the tour.

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