Hakuba Happo-one is one of the most famous ski resorts in Japan and the fascination of Hakuba Happo-one is the majestic view of the Northern Alps. The majestic view with fresh green leaves in spring and autumn foliage with new snow at the top of mountains in autumn are greatly admired by local people as well as the deep snow in the winter season. There is a pleasant mountain view during the four seasons.

To introduce this beautiful and unique scenery, we opened a private open-air onsen (Hot springs) in 2014 and the flower park in 2015 at Kitaone Kogen Highland. Located at 1,200m high and the area offers some of the most beautiful scenery from Hakuba Happo-one. These days, the popular tourist spot is attracting around 20,000 visitors per year.

Now, we have something more to offer.

It is ‘precious moments’ such as the sunset and sunrise with nobody around, breakfast in the forest and just relaxing while watching the marvelous mountains. The best way to feel the ‘precious moments’ is to stay overnight at Kitaone Kogen Highland.

In making the dream become a reality, we partnered with an outdoor company called Snow Peak and plan to open FIELD SUITE HAKUBA as a glamping site in 2018 at Kitaone Kogen Highland.

FIELD SUITE HAKUBA offers a relaxing time in the middle of nature. Chef and sommelier will serve meals and drinks. Rooms will be ready with luxurious comfort produced by Snow Peak. Staying overnight in one of the best locations, you can experience our hospitality and high end service in style with stunning panoramic views all around you, take in the natural ambience and enjoy your precious time.

We are pleased to announce that we will open only on 12th October 2018 and have a limited 8 couples, 16 guests before the grand opening in winter 2018. Hakuba will be surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage at the time.

We look forward to seeing you at FIELD SUITE HAKUBA at Hakuba Kitaone Kogen Highland.

How to spend the time

Concierges are pleased to support the exclusive stay to show some activities in the nature.

Forest trails

Enjoy walking in the beech forest with several courses, which takes 15 to 60 minutes. In autumn, you can stroll in the colored beech and see the beautiful three-stage autumn foliage at Hakuba three peaks at any time from early in the morning to the evening.

Nature Flower Park

There are about 200 kinds of wild grasses and flowers growing at Kitaone Kogen Highlands and you may see some animals as well.

Flower dyeing experience

Use flowers in the flower park and concierges will guide and show you how to make flower dyeing.

Private open-air onsen (Hot springs) in the forest

Enjoy an exclusive time in open-air onsen with the beautiful Hakuba three peaks mountain view.

Kamoshika Lounge / Takibi (Bonfire) Bar

Public space for drinks. (Drinks are all inclusive) Please have a precious time in an unusual and quiet space in the surroundings of an open bonfire to relax and reminiscence.

Ashiyu (Foot onsen) Galaxy

Enjoy a luxurious experience while watching the starry sky and soaking your legs in the natural foot onsen.


Autumn 2017

Winter 2018

*The program content from October 12th till 13th 2018 alightly differ in content of this introductory movie.


Concierges have been working on the maintenance of the flower park and are discovering Kitaone Kogen Highland every day for guests. They are happy to support guests with sharing the idea of the forest trail course, to guide the flower park and to advise the spots where guests can relax or have breakfast etc.

Guest Rooms

FIELD SUITE HAKUBA has only 8 rooms in the great nature. Enjoy staying in the middle of nature with luxury tents produced by Snow Peak.


Welcome Light Meal

Drinks and a light meal will be ready at Kamoshika Lounge upon arrival.


Enjoy the fine dining course menu using plenty of fresh local ingredients. The well experienced and highly knowledgeable sommelier will carefully select beverages to match the exclusive dining experience.


Choose a place to have breakfast in the Nature Flower Park whilst enjoying a wonderful sunrise with the alpenglow reflecting on the mountain peaks. This is a sight only to be captured here at Kitaone Kogen Highland.


Served at Kamoshika Lounge before departure.


FIELD SUITE HAKUBA will open for a limited time on specified dates, 12th - 13th October 2018 as pre-opening.
The grand opening will be in winter 2018.

Date Friday, 12th October – Saturday, 13th October 1 night
Capacity 8 rooms (2 guests per room)
Price 86,400 JPY per person (incl. Tax) included;
*Return transfer between Nagano Station and FIELD SUITE HAKUBA
*Meals (Day 1: Light meal, Dinner / Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch)
Reservation Reservation >
Contact Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Ph. +81 261 85 8856
E-MAIL : fsh@happoone.co.jp
  • Minimum number of participants: 2 guests (1 couple)
    *Please note that a booking can accept over 2 guests.
  • No tour guide. Staff from FIELD SUITE HAKUBA will pick you up at Nagano station or Carpark of Sakka Kitaone Chair Lift
  • [Meeting place and time]
    By train:
    Ticket gate of Shinkansen (Bullet train) of Nagano Station at 11 am.
    By car:
    Carpark of Sakka・Kitaone Chair Lift between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm.
  • [Rooms]
    Tent style rooms out of bathrooms.
    *Onsen will be opened by privately for guests or separated according to gender (male/female).
  • [Transfer]
    A private vehicle will be provided from Nagano Station.
Clothes Recommend to bring a warm jacket such as a fleece jacket, a nylon hoodie and a down coat so on due to temperature gap between the daytime and night time.


Day 1: 11:00 Meeting at the ticket gate of Shinkansen (Bullet train) of Nagano Station and transfer by private vehicle.
12:00 Arrive FIELD SUITE HAKUBA by chair lifts and check in.
12:15 Free time: Light meal and drinks will be ready at Kamoshika Lounge
17:00 Dinner
19:30 Free time: Relax at Kamoshika Lounge/Takibi bar, Ashiyu Galaxy etc.
Day 2: 4:30 Luxury time before sunrise at the private deck or the public sunrise deck with coffee
5:30 Sunrise and alpenglow
* Breakfast will be served at the place you select.
12:00 Check-out
* Lunch will be served after checking out.
* Guests who come by own car are able to check out any time.
14:00 Departure FIELD SUITE HAKUBA
15:00 Arrive Nagano station



    4487-4 Kitashiro Hakuba-mura, Kita Azumino-gun, Nagano 339-9301 Japan

  • Access

    By train

    Please meet our staff at the ticket gate of Shinkansen (Bullet train) at Nagano station.
    Tokyo station―Nagano station―FIELD SUITE HAKUBA
    (Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes) (Approx. 1 hour)

    By car

    Please come to the carpark at Sakka Kitaone Chair Lift.

Operation company

Company name Happo-one Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
CEO Yasuo Kurata
Office 5713 Kitashiro Hakuba-mura, Kita Azumino-gun, Nagano, 399-9301 Japan
Phone +81 261 72 2715 / FAX: +81 261 72 6310
Established 9th December in 1960
  Nagano Prefecture Governor Registration Number 2-578